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By Paul 24 Feb, 2017
The Techenders date appeared in VW Camper & Bus and some people weren't happy. I can see why. They love it so much that they want to protect it. Lots of people who go to techenders aren't fans of VW shows. They love techenders because it isn't a show or even an event, it is a community. There was concern that techenders being listed as an event may lead to 'idiots' attending and changing techenders. Techenders isn't for everyone.....but it is for people who love VW's and want to be part of a supportive community. The article below was written by John   It will give you a good idea if techenders is for you.Techenders isn't for everyone but the people who go are friendly, welcoming and lovely. If you want to come to a techenders you should get involved before hand on  or  
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